Ornithologists estimate that two thousand species of birds exists. Among them 20% of all known species, make regular seasonal movements. Many travel thousands of miles between their breeding places and their wintering grounds. Migratory birds recognise the change of time and take necessary action every year. Their migration from one country to the other, sometimes even continents, are crucial for their survival. It is truly amazing how migratory birds can navigate with pin-point accuracy. Exactly how migrating birds find their flyways still remains a mystery. It has been shown that they are able to orientate by the sun during the day, by the stars at night, and by the geomagnetic field at any time.

While birds with a very short lifespan are endowed with such a profound instinct and sense of changes around them, how much more human beings must sense and act on it. God expects every believer to identify changes that affect the world and act on it as God’s agents. This short article aims to highlight two different changes the present generation face, that demand responsible action as Christians. 1) Use of technology: The present generation face a world daily transformed by technology. Compared to the past centuries, people are more dependent on technology these days. New inventions are making radical changes in the life-style, relationship and value system of every individual. Increase of knowledge and easy access to it through electronic media has psycho-conditioned the new generation. The over attachment to gadgets have adversely affected human relationships. People are becoming more insensitive towards those who are in their own closer circles.

Sadly, the new generation fail to develop social skills, recognise social norms and customs that are essential for social stability and growth of any society. Exposure to the outer world and choice of visual world coming through the electronic media have hampered the social formation of the new generation. 2) Personal spirituality: At present, the human life is defined by the commercial world. Media impress upon people what to wear, what to eat and what kind of vehicle one must use and it goes on. The attractive images coming in front of the eyes of the new generation has distorted the very humanity in each individual. High demands by the society to behave in a particular way in a given culture and cravings of the body together have redefined the meaning of spirituality in the modern world. Severe persecution of Christians around the world have posed a great challenge to the Christian faith.

Therefore, in a time as this every believer has a responsibility to be rooted firmly in the truth revealed through the Word of God and through Jesus Christ and make necessary decisions in life to make a difference in the world. Each child of God is an agent of change. Sometimes we can get involved so much in mission and fail to perceive all the changes happening in the world and act in response to the need. Along with great passion to reach out it is highly important to be rooted in the faith in order to defend what we believe. The migrant birds know what to do when the weather changes but human beings often fail to act when the spiritual climate around them are not conducive.

Author : Pastor Thomas Samuel