I know a man with bold voice,
people gathered in large numbers where he led.
a shoddy garment of camel’s hair and a leather belt he wore,
Locusts and wild honey he ate from the floor.
He knew what to speak and whom to speak,

unlike his father who was once muted due to unbelief.
Years before a son was promised to this old man,
who was shocked and confessed to the angel sent.
This old man will speak again said the Angel when things will pass,
name the child Zachariah, people enchanted.
Not knowing the Lord’s will, people gathered,
ultimately named him John by his mother.
The child grew and lived in the wilderness for several years,
Meditating and praying to the one who sent him.
Waiting for the right time he set out,
Repent and baptise were the words he spoke out.
You brood of vipers he called the Pharisees
there is no fleeing unless you repent from the heresy.
Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight were the words resonating in my ears.

Many got baptised confessing their sins in tears,
News spread like fire. Priests questioned him 

Are you the Prophet,

Are you the Messiah, are you Elijah 

Neither one he said
There’s one who will take away the sin of the world.

behold, it’s not me, it’s the one who comes after me, he said

I baptise with water, He will baptise with spirit,

Prepare the way of the Lord making the paths straight.
People flocked in numbers as days went by,

The day is near, repent and repent were the words that took me by.

River Jordan looked beautiful as the day of my baptism came,

Joy in my heart as I sang a beautiful song.
Not expecting a miracle but focussed to live a sinless life.

Bear fruit, living according to the gospel was the next step, he taught.
The river Jordan came to still for a moment

Baptise me Lord but you come to me the Baptist said 

The crowd was confused and looked at them waiting for what’s coming next.

“I’m not worthy to carry your sandals, yet you ask me to baptize you”, John said.

“Let it be so for now”, the young man said.

“Who is this man”, a thought ran through my mind.

A lightning struck and a dove descended as I looked behind.
The heavens opened and a loud voice hurled over.

“This is my beloved Son with whom I am well pleased”

The earth shook, and everyone bowed,

Is this the long-awaited Messiah as I fell on my knees in disbelief.
“The Lord Our Righteousness” as Jeremiah revealed,
He was baptized with water and by Him we live.
The Lord is our refuge and fortress I know.
Lord’s begotten Son came down to love and to give.

POEM BY : Bijo Abraham

*Perspective of a young man who witnessed the day at Jordan