Reconcile Mission of India

With an unquenchable desire to gain more souls for the Kingdom of God, WCF has partnered with its sister organisation RMI to train and sustain missionaries in the Northern states of India. The Mission of The Reconcile Mission India for RMI  include chiefly,  Church Planting, in the unreached areas of India and  is to equipping catalytic leaders by training them how to plant new churches that will facilitate a spontaneous expansion of the Church in India.

  1. Providing assessments, training, coaching, and support to enable leaders to plant Great Commission churches that reach their communities for Christ, complying with the Great Commission of our Lord;
  2. Assisting new churches and church multiplication networks to reproduce themselves on a regular basis, thus establishing a genetic code where reproduction is the norm;
  3. Assisting new churches in building bridges to connect with and serve their communities in ways that are innovative and relevant without sacrificing the timeless message of the Gospel
  4. Working with all branches of the Christian Church to create a unified, overarching, and strategic vision for bringing India to Christ through church planting.
  5. Helping the local community to understand, learn and adhere to the Christian values
  6. Empower every child to have a childhood with love, hope, faith and joy.
  7. Assist local people, especially the women and children to have fullness of life.

Operation Christmas Child

WCF partners with the Samaritan’s Purse to help the underprivileged children in various underdeveloped countries. Operation Christmas Child was created in 1990 by Dave Cooke and his wife Gill for children in Romania. Each November thousands of churches, groups and individual donors prepare and collect shoeboxes filled with toys, school supplies, personal items, and other small gifts. A booklet of Bible stories is often distributed alongside the shoebox gifts which are given to children based on need alone, regardless of their faith. These boxes are then collected and distributed overseas by volunteers.

Mission Trips

Do you want to spend a vacation filled with fun, games and God? Join us as our dedicated VBS team hosts and partners with other churches to hold vacation bible classes throughout UK. The VBS team, lead by Mrs Stephy Jimmy, under the guidance of the church leadership has been hosting VBS with an aim to share the Love of God through games, activities, action songs and the Word of God. If you wish to join us, or have us visit your church, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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