Few days from now, the world is going to witness the most awaited event of the year. The FIFA World cup 2018! 32 nations have waited for the last four years in training, improving on their skills and doing whatever it takes to come to the top position in this tournament. The fact that this tournament happens only once in every four year makes the nations more vigilant that if they lose this tournament they will have to wait another four years but this does not hold them back as they know the prize is worth the wait. In Luke 2:25-32 we see a man by name of Simeon who was given a special insight by the spirit that he would surely see the Lord’s Christ before he dies. The most important fact is that Simeon was not just able to see but also recognize the Christ when he was bought to the temple. In other words, we can see that the whole purpose of his life was to wait to see the Lord and it was worth it that he was ‘dismissed in peace’ (Luke 2:29). We also see about prophetess Anna who was eighty-four who never left the temple but stayed worshiping God  day and night. Regardless of her loss (Luke 2:36-37) and frailty she waited in the temple of God and saw the Lords Christ. For Anna the wait was worth the prize. We as children of God should know that God has prepared us something no eyes has seen, no ear has heard and no mind has conceived (1 Cor 2:6) and just because we are made to wait to see our promises should not make us lose hope as we can be confident that when he reveals to us our promises, we would not have any reason to complain. What is important is to wait patiently upon the Lord. We should also know that just waiting does not bring us any benefit but it also matters how we wait. See how Anna waited; she waited by fasting, praying and worshipping. We must be ready to receive the lord (Mathew 24: 44). In the parable of ten virgins we see this distinction (Mathew 25:1-13). Ten people waited for the bridegroom, of that five were prepared and five were not prepared. So, when the wait extended beyond their expectation it was revealed who was prepared and who was not and those who were prepared went in with the bridegroom but the five who was away buying oil could not enter as the door was shut. They would have had many explanations to make about how they waited all this time, but nothing really helped because when the groom came they were not prepared. This is equivalent to the situation of the man who was invited to the wedding but was thrown out because he was not wearing wedding clothes (Mathew 22:11-14). God expects us to wait patiently upon him to receive our promises but are we prepared to receive him when he comes. It is important that our acceptance to God’s invitation be followed by appropriate conduct. Are we prepared to wait upon him?

God bless you all.

Author : Nibu John